The alarm sounds at 5am, my wife trucks off to the gym and I do some calisthenics before a shower. I’m done, dressed, and ready to rock the day by 5:30.

This is my time. I have roughly 45 minutes before I have to begin crafting breakfast.

Open the laptop, which wakes up already running Webstorm, eclipse, git bash, and chrome.

Using my previous development process, I would have spent a large portion of the next 3/4-hour by compiling and testing using Google Web Toolkit (GWT).  The GWT development cycle has been a pretty big headache to maintain, with its automagic recompile procedure frequently broken and a full recompile requiring at least a couple minutes for each change.  It’s been so demoralizing that I’ve even been deterred from doing GWT development unless I have dedicated a few hours to it.

Fortunately, AngularJS has changed my development cycle completely.

For the past several years, I have been solidly entrenched with the opinion that Java is the most righteous of all languages. I’ve been using Java on Google App Engine, Java on Android, and Java in GWT.  Things were all good until I started hitting some rough spots in development.

GWT has been a thorn in my side for some time.  Though I appreciate its compiled nature and its rigid constructs, development was frustratingly slow compared to Android.  Even simple facilities required several distinct, small classes to make work, which bloated the project hierarchy.

AngularJS has enabled me to do things fast, I mean really fast.  I have been able to implement features end-to-end in my 45 minute morning sprints that would have required half a day in the past.

I look forward to tomorrow’s pre-breakfast session, where I will continue to expand user management facilities on the next generation of My Gear Pack.

Happy coding.